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We pride ourselves as experts in color and cuts.

We Offer A Wide Range Of Har Services

Treat Yourself Like Royalty

Hair Extensions

Get a free Hair Extension consultations to see if we can offer the results you desire. We have cashmere extensions as seen on Shark Tank. Our speciality is fuller longer more glamorous hair. Always look natural just be sure to let us know what you are looking for.


We do a lot of mens cuts.  More importantly our focus is getting the right cut for you.  Long or short depends on what your looking for.  Most importantly we like working with you if you want a new style and then we want to be sure it’s the same every time you come in.


We cover gray.  Most important we color hair so you look younger.  For younger consumers or those looking for a change we offer vibrant colors. We also can focus on natural when doing the gray cover up.  We only use quality professional products that get safe results.

Brazilian Blowout

This is great for special events to make your hair appear straight and healthy. If your hair is very curly, it will minimize frizz. If you have straight, frizzy hair, this treatment will eliminate frizz and promote radiant shine and a healthy appearance.

Perms and Relaxers

A permanent, involves the using heat and chemicals to break and reform the cross-linking bonds of the hair structure. Generally this process is used to make straight hair into curly or wavy.  Relaxers are used on curly hair to make it straighter.

Barber Shop

We have experienced licensed and fully trained Barbers on staff. They can give you a fade, a buzz cut or a shave. Typically we recommend them for our male clients. Barber’s can also do colors and cover the gray on your head or your beard.

Walkings are always welcome. Call us! Also schedule online.

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Give us a call now! Ask about our new client discounts.


Our favorite thing to do is special evens especially weddings. We can service the bride to be or the entire wedding party male and female. We can host you in our salon or on location if that is more convenient. We have specially trained wedding staff available for your special event.

Video Productions

We offer on location hair and makeup for video productions both corporate and creative. Obviously Arizona isn’t a major film market but we have staff with Hollywood experience available for your productions. Fill out the contact form if you are interested in more details.

Pet Grooming

Unfortunately we don’t service pets. We love them but we have a no pet policy. We would like to refer you to our friends who offer a free Pet wash. They have a full service groomer and we highly recommend them. All of our stylists take their pets there. It’s kind of like Disneyland for pups.

Here are some of the reasons.

Why Hair Is Important

Perfect Hair Makes You Look Good

Creates A First Impression

It Is A Reflection Of Who You Are

Helps With Confidence

Implies How You Take Care Of Yourself

It Can Enhance Your Best Features


This is what our clients think.

I always colored my hair at home.  I was afraid to trust someone else with my hair and I didn’t think it was worth the expense.  That was until my best friend convinced me to try Michelle.  I never realized how much better my hair could be by having a professional do it.


My hair is tricky.  If I don’t cut it and use gel I end up looking like Kramer from Seinfeld. Brittney understands how I like my hair and consistently cuts it right every time I get a cut.  I’ll never trust anyone else with my hair.  I recommend giving her a try.


I love the crazy load colors.  At first I wasn’t sure what I wanted but Jenny convinced me to give it a try and I couldn’t be happier.  I realized this was the change I needed.  I feel better.  It really made a difference in my life as funny as that sounds.


A Salon That Actually Cares

Call us today to schedule your appointment.  We care about our customers and we want you to become part of our family.

Your probably thinking every business says that just to get my business.  But we actually mean it.  The beauty industry is full of shallow cosmetologists that snicker and make snide remarks behind your back.  This isn’t the kind of employee we hire here.  Our commitment is to love and peace.  Not a hippy joint just some true kindness.  We got in to the industry because we love people and we love hair and makeup.  If you want to work with someone with tons of experience and a passion for what they do come see us today.


Meet Britney she specializes in mens cuts and is a licensed barber. Don’t let her gender fool you she can work circles around even the most experienced barber. Typically she is tough to catch on a walk in so you might want to schedule an appointment in advance.

Hair Stylist

If your looking for a great new style we recommend you visit Sabrina. She has an eye for matches facial features to the right style. The thing her clients tell us the most about her is that she listens. That’s a special skill that not all people in the industry have mastered.


Did we tell you yet that our salon specializes in colors.  We can work from mild to wild.  If you want a punk rock style or a more traditional color that is work professional appropriate we can provide both of those options and anything in between. Check out our gallery to see.

Hair Dresser

If you have a special event or a video production you probably want to work with one of our hair dressers. The difference is in they specialize in event styles and on location services. You might want something slightly more glamorous if your getting married. This would be the service for you.

Half Price
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New Client Discount

We offer a first time discount to all new clients.

Because we are so sure you will love your treatment.

Our No Questions Asked Guarantee!

We want you to feel comfortable and happy every time you visit our salon. We Guarantee It!

Our no questions asked money back guarantee is designed to make your comfortable asking for a refund.  Obviously we want to know what went wrong so we can fix it.  But more importantly we want you to always leave happy.  We pride ourselves on our reputations and depend on referrals to stay in business.  Mistakes happen we hope if there is an issue that you will accept a refund and give us another chance.  The only reason we like losing customers is when you get a promotion and raise at work and have to relocate.

Cut Not Right

If for some reason you want a skullet or even a mullet and you go home and your significant other is unhappy we will gladly redo it for free and also refund your money.  We wouldn’t want anyone to end up ruining a relationship over something as silly as a hair cut.

Wrong Color

It can happen.  Instead of getting the right shade of gray you end up with green.  This is obviously an exaggeration.  We can schedule with for a color correction with a different stylist.  We are even happy to make that appointment when the original beautician is not in if that makes you feel more comfortable.

Style Isn't Cool

Sometimes things can get lost in translation.  Your definition of wilder might differ from ours.  We always make an effort to communicate clearly but if your not happy we will refund the full cost of your hair cut.  We will fix it for free and even schedule with a stylist who might be a better fit for what your want.

All our experts are fully licensed and trained.  Everyone at our salon is required to take 10 hours of continuing education to stay up to date on new trends and perfect their skills.  We encourage employees to become master stylists because we like to be able to charge more.  And because we think they will provide superior services.  New employees go through our own training program to make sure they meet our own company wide standards.  This doesn’t mean there is never any issues.  Our goal is to make sure that any issues while few and far between are solved in a way that allows every single one of our customers to leave happy and looking forward to coming back.


Are you currently looking for a new Salon?

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If your need a service today we can try to get you in today.

What Makes Us Different?

We Are Here To Help

Our goal is to get your the results you need.  If a service is ever not what you want please communicate with us right away.  You can ask us to stop for a moment and explain in more detail what you are looking for.  While we have tons of experience, you are the only one who feels how effective the massage is.   If you need a different body part worked more or if we are missing your pain points please let us know as soon as possible so we can adjust accordingly.

We Take Pride In What We Do

We got into this business because we are passionate about it.  We know the science behind it and we do this because we want to help make people feel better.  We want to impact peoples lives in a positive way.  We believe in the health benefits and this is why we do what we do. We do it with love.

No Questions Money Back Guarantee

If you are unhappy for any reason or not satisfied we will give you a complete refund.  We don’t think you should pay for a service that was not done the way you wanted or one that didn’t help make you feel better or wasn’t a relaxing rewarding experience.  If you are un happy we will give you a complete refund.  We won’t argue with you or try to justify why we did what we did.  We only want to know what we can do to fix the problem so we can do better next time.  The last thing we want is for a future customer to end a treatment unsatisfied.

Competitive Prices

We don’t price match or want you to think we are the cheapest.  We want to offer our service as affordably as possible so that it doesn’t break the bank but at the same time we are a business that needs to make a profit.  We are considerably cheaper than day spas and franchise establishments. When we say we offer price plans that fit everyones budget, we mean that.  If you are willing to join our membership program you can save substantial money.
Please give us a call so we can answer all your questions.  We love to chat about what we do.  We want to hear about your needs and past experiences getting services.  Knowing what worked for you and what didn’t helps us provide you with the best service.  It also allows us to match you with the masseuse who is the best fit for your needs.

Things To Know Before Picking A Stylist

Just some quick things to keep in mind.  Not every salon is built the same and not every hair person even the top ones are going to be right for you.  We recommend starting by looking at Instagram see if there are images there that appeal to you.  The images on our Instagram will also list the stylist.  Everyone has different specialties so lets find you someone that is experienced and great with the style your looking for.


When your looking to find a new salon for a cut or color one of the best starting points is to look at pictures of the work being done there.  If you see styles and or colors that match what your looking for that is a very good indication that this might be the right match for you. In the old days we used to go to a salon and look through fancy books of models by professional photographers to pick a new hair style.  That never worked.  Your hair might be different than the model and the stylist might not have the skill or experience to perform that cut or color.  Today we have Instagram.  Real images of real people done by our professionals.  Let’s match you with the beautician that is right for you.



There are a few things to know about reviews.  The first is that if you see a salon with a perfect score a warning sign should go up.  No one can please everyone all the time.  We encourage honest reviews because that best represents the experience new potential customers can expect from us.  Remember one persons negative could very well be another persons positive.  The other thing is that a perfect score can also imply not enough reviews.  Sure sites like Yelp have a policy against businesses asking for reviews.  This is why we like our clients to post reviews on our scheduling software vagaroo and also Facebook and Google Maps.

After looking over our website and listening to our pitch we hope you are convinced to give us a try. At the end of the day we feel like our picture gallery should speak for itself. After all that is what your coming to us for. You want to look your best so let us help.

Please feel free to look over our reviews on Yelp, FaceBook and Google. If the reviews don’t convince you to try our salon then we aren’t the right place for you. Everyone has different needs. We understand that. And we work to meet those needs for as many customers as possible.

Come visit us on your birthday for a Free Brazilian Blowout. It’s a special day why not look your best.
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